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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I cannot find it specifically. My apologies if this is the case.

I am looking into purchasing one of the newer wireless headsets (Turtle Beach, Astro, etc) where the 'standard' installation is such that it is connected directly to the PS3 (for example) via the optical out, and then passes through the signal as well; in my case, that would be to my receiver.
However, I would like for the headphones to be universal, and essentially provide digital audio for whatever source is currently being played by the amplifier.

It does not appear the 'digital optical out' on my Denon receiver would be sufficient, as this is apparently paired to only 1 specific digital audio in.

An option I'm investigation is using an 'HDMI splitter' HDMI->DVI+Optical out, so that:
- the TV still gets digital signal, though it doesn't need to audio channel as that all comes from the receiver
- The headset gets connected to this digital optical out, and does not pass through any signal.
- I'd like the receiver to still be able to play the audio 'as well as' the headphones, and I can adjust audio between the two independently.

Has anyone tried this set-up successfully? What converter would one recommend in this situation?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think I have done something similar to what you're trying to explain. I used a HDMI audio/video splitter (which took me quite awhile to find) to split the HDMI coming from my PC/360/PS3. I'd have all the HDMI cord from my 3 devices plugged into a switch, which would then output to the splitter. The splitter would then split the video into a HDMI cable to my TV, and an optical toslink cable to old my AV receiver. My AV receiver, back then, didn't have any HDMI input, so that's how I solved that problem.

    I'll have to dig up the splitter from where I stored it, but I believe it just had a single HDMI out (for video) and a few different options for audio out. You might be able to plug the receiver into one audio output, and the headphones into another. I'll have to check for you. I do remember the unit being somewhat finicky at times, as it wasn't a mass produced unit, but made by a small company for niche purposes like this.

    Is that what you're looking for? If it is, I'll see if I can find it and get some pictures for you. I remember it having a nifty little remote, so it should be able to choose between audio outputs.

    EDIT: Found it and uploaded some pics. Looking at it, its actually a 4 port HDMI switch with audio outputs. So it looks like you can still output audio through HDMI, if you want, but also output sound through toslink, coax, or stereo. Only supports up to 5.1 too, it looks like. Don't know if this helps, but maybe it will.

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