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I'm looking for a laptop with some decent power, an i5 (or i3 at a push) with a good graphics card for gaming when am away from home, looking for something like a HD5650 or GT330, but i also want at least 5 hours battery life (for internet surfing). I'm not expecting 5 hours of gaming from the battery, but for inter browsing, killing time etc.

Something like the acer timeline x 4820 T but better build quality, and smoother graphics switching.

any ideas, i was hoping to get an asus U53JC, but they seem to have been scrapped.

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  1. Scrapped? If you're willing to wait until the 28th, you can order an Asus U53JC here:
  2. should point out, I'm in the UK. So we don't get any of the good stuff, HP ENVY 14, HTC Incredible, EVO 4G...dont make it this side of the pond. We get the crapple stuff though... :S

    Btw, I should also point out, it want windows 7, no Mac stuff, and 13-15" is preferable, and a budget of around £1000.
  3. The only way you would be 5 hour battery life in a laptop with i5 and a good video card would be to dim the screen and step down the CPU a lot. Even then it would be pushing it unless you pick the largest battery you can get.
  4. even with switchable graphics?
  5. baldinie said:
    even with switchable graphics?

    That would increase battery life but even with on-board graphics, to get 5 hour battery live you will want a netbook if you will use the PC for those 5 hours. Screen is a huge drain on the battery, the bigger the screen, the more the drain. And the i5 is not the best platform for low power use. An i3 with on-board graphics with the screen not at full brightness may be able to get you more than 3 hours though.
  6. I don't think they are available yet, but you might also look into the AS4820TG and AS5820TG from Acer. They supposedly offer the Core i5, switchable graphics with HD5650, and up to 8-12 hour battery life (with 6 or 9 cell battery respectively).
  7. Have you found a laptop yet?

    If not, try searching at www.hidentify.com
    Just put "powerful laptop, long battery life" in the search box.
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