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i have bought a new HP laptop installed a license copy of WINDOWS 7 HOME Basic.
but they have kept c drive of 400 gb and another drive of 20gb only
so i want to reformat it........
but they didn't gave me any installation win 7 cd.....
how how i format my laptop and reinstall os as it is?....
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  1. Don't do it. The 20gb partition is probably the recovery partition and will allow you to re-initialize the laptop back to factory basic if you ever need to.

    There should be a way for you to create installation disks from the laptop itself. Look in the HP support on the laptop for ideas.
  2. you no need to format your laptop just to partition. in win 7 you can do in by
    ringhtclick on mycomputer->manage
    select disk management..
    now you can shrink c: drive to 100 gb or 50 gb as you need & create new partitions
    creating new partition

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