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I have a Compaq Evo n800c P4 1.7 GHz laptop and was wondering if I could upgrade the CPU. Asked HP (compaq) about this and if I needed to upgrade the cpu-fan accordingly (and also how much RAM I could upgrade to):

HP SUPPORT: eddan, the RAM is upgradeable to 1024 MB for this notebook. However, the CPU cannot be upgraded.
EDDAN: Not possible as in I will brake my warranty if I do or not possible at all?
HP SUPPORT: Yes, the warranty will be void if the notebook is opened for upgrade of the CPU.

I then had a look at the "Maintenance and Service Guide" for the n800 series and under "features" it states:

"2.2-, 2.0-, 1.9-, 1.8-, 1.7-, 1.6-, 1.5-, or 1.4-GHz Intel Mobile Pentium 4 processor with SpeedStep technology, with 256-KB integrated L2 cache, varying by computer model"

So it does support a 2.2 GHz cpu but do you think there is another setup (e.g. another cpu fan) on the models that comes with the 2.2ghz model? If I am willing to break my warranty do you think I could replace the 1.7 cpu with a 2.2 one?

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  1. Have you ever opened a laptop before? It's kind of a tight fit in there. If I were to recommend a cpu change, and you had never opened one up before, I would suggest that you get a shop to do it.
    Truth is, going from a 1.7 with a 100/400 fsb to a 2.2 with the same fsb, is a waste of money. You would not notice any gains.
  2. Have replaced a CPU on a pentium2 laptop before so know how it is and I have this maintenance and service guide for the compaq which basically tells you what to do down to each bolt you need to unscrew :)

    However, if you think that upgrading from 1.7 to 2.2 won't help performance than maybe it's not worth it..

    The reason I'm considering to upgrade is that I've had to do a lot of movie-editing lately and that really tests my cpu and memory power. 2.2 gHz would be maximum wouldn't it? It's not just that when they made the brochure the 2.4 gHz or 2.6 gHz wasn't made yet so they just listed the 2.2 gHz which was max speed atm?

    I have 512 mb RAM now so upgrading to 1GB probably would help a lot when working with video and audio, but I was hoping to bring out a little bit more power with a CPU upgrade.
  3. I agree with endyen...also it might be tough to find the 2.2GHz mobile model even if the upgrade were worth it.

    Just my 2 cents.

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