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Monitor for PC/PS3

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
August 21, 2011 5:51:28 AM

Hey people, I'm new to Tom's Hardware and hope I can get some feedback. Recently my PS3 for some reason fried my 52" Plasma TV and it's own GPU in the process and now I'm trying to kill two people with one shot by getting a good monitor for a new PC I'm about to get, and have it ready for whatever the PS3 could possibly throw at it. It's known that the monitor should be HDCP compliant in order for the PS3 to be able to output a signal to it, ideally be 16:9 so the image doesn't stretch, and be somewhere in the 23-30" range to have good viewing quality. I was wondering if either of these would be a good pick:

(On a side note, it's really nice to get something with wall mount because I'm around 6'4" and it really, really is a pain propping my monitor up on 12+ textbooks just so I won't tear my neck muscles out.)

Your help/opinion is appreciated. :) 

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a c 108 C Monitor
August 22, 2011 2:15:40 PM

i have my ps3 and pc hooked up to a 40" sony bravia 1920x1080 television. i do not do a huge amount of websurfing or document work so having a larger screen is fine for me. just another option to consider...

it sounds strange to think that your ps3 fried both its gpu and the tv at the same time. i'd be inclined to think they got hit with a surge or something internal to either the tv or ps3 shorted out and jumped through the cable which sounds odd as well.
August 23, 2011 2:35:22 AM

@cloudy2010: I think 24" is really the biggest I need, but I'm not too sure. When I sit at my desk, the viewing distance is around 4 feet away from my monitor and I have 20-20 eyesight. You think 24" is enough, or should I go bigger?

@ssddx: I actually have to do lots of document work, Excel, AutoCAD, etc. In that regard, I think something <30" is good enough for me. On the issue of the PS3 frying stuff, it really is scary. I hooked it up to 3 different LCDs, all of them now presenting major aliasing and image degradation on even HD channels like USA. Then the PC I connected to my TV (to test the TV) is now having major and random artifacting issues. Thus why I'm getting a new monitor, to have my PS3 and (new) monitor isolated from any possible issues.
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a b î Playstation
a c 108 C Monitor
August 23, 2011 2:53:57 PM

i sit around 2 1/2 feet back from the 19 or 20 inch monitor at work (1280x1024)
i sit around 4 1/2 feet back from the 40 television at home (1920x1080)

i know i dont have 20/20, but not bad enough to need/want glasses.

i've always preferred smaller monitors closer for typing/data entry although i can still do it fine on the larger screen (but normally i have it about 15-20% bigger than i would on a smaller screen due to pixel pitch). autocad runs fine on larger screens, but again its all about preferences.

if i had the room i'd have my television on the wall AND my 20.1 on the desk but even with a 80 inch desk its just not possible. (yeah i have that much electronic crap on it!)

i've never had issues with my ps3 like that. something just doesnt sound right. what gets me is how you said you tested the ps3 with a tv then disconnected and then tested the tv with the pc and now the pc acts up. i'm not saying the ps3 isnt causing issues just that the type of issues you're getting are strange.
August 24, 2011 1:24:36 AM

Thanks for the reply man. I'm just barely able to post this b/c the PC's GPU has gone to hell but I do have some theory on what happened. Though it's nothing a new GPU won't fix. :p