Socket 478 vs. LGA775

I'm designing a new PC and I'm uncertain about which cpu/mobo to choose. I want to use an Intel P4, but I'm unsure about using a socket 478 or the newer LGA775. Since this PC is from the ground up, I don't want to buy "old technology", even though I don't have a present need for PCI Express over AGP. What would you do if you were building a PC in the $2K-3K range? Are P4 Socket 478 processors at a dead end? Thanks.
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  1. Intel is definitely targeting future products to the 775 socket.

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  2. 2-3k range huh... 775 isn't really gonna do anything for you but if u have that much to drop go for it. get a 3.2 and a gig of ddr2.
  3. I really don't expect to see much advantage to the LGA775. I'm more concerned with future proofing this purchase as much as possible.
    After reading about Intel's ambitious LGA775 Architecture plans on this web site, I'm a little nervous about being this much on the bleeding edge. Maybe I'll wait 3-6 months for the technology to stabilize and the price to drop. I priced out comparable 478 vs. 775 PC solution and the 775 comes out about $200 more expensive, which isn't bad. However, that doesn't include the new video card that I would have to purchase. And this would add another $150-200 to the cost.

    Thanks for your comments.
  4. That's a great idea (there's a lot of new goodies coming with the grantsdale architechture...and there have already been bugs -- anyone remember a certain recall recently? :)). I'm surprised you found just a $200 difference (most motherboards I've found are 100 more expensive and most comparable RAM quality is at least another 150).

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  5. Intel is going to a faster bus in a few months that current boards will not support. So getting a "future proof" Intel board is a myth. But if you got a "non-future-proof" 775 board right now, at least you'd have room for a top end PCIe video card that you could use on your next system.

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