ASUS G51JX FHD or HP Pavilion DV6-3031TX Laptop

Hey guys I am looking for a laptop for gaming, uni, and photoshop as well as light video editing.

heres my options



price isn't a issue but more about reliability and top performance
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    Hello and welcome to the forums
    In Photoshop and video editing both will perform the same, but in gaming the ASUS model performs noticeably better
  2. I agree with Maziar. The Asus is a superior performer and in my opinion a far more reliable laptop, i.e. it will last longer.
  3. thank you for your suggestions and i am actually going to go with asus g51!!!
    heard alot of good things about that particular laptop.
    just hope it wonn't let me down when i am playing starcraft 2 and mw 2 online xD

    but yea thank you for your help :)
  4. No problem that's why we are here,hope you enjoy it
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