is my cpu running at an acceptable temp?

i have a socket 775 P4 3.2Ghz processor and when i'm not running any games it runs at about 40-45 degrees C but when i play a game it gets up to about 52 degrees C. is this an acceptable temperature? also, is my processor a prescott? i think its number is 540.
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  1. That's cool. For a Prescott, that's actually quite cool. Your sensor may be reporting temps on the low side. Put your finger to the top of the hs, and see.
  2. Thats way to hot!! Call the fire department!! You should be running 5 degrees Kelvin, no more!

    Just Kidding, the temps look really good especially for the Prescott.

    Side Note: I used to live in town called Prescott, my uncle still lives there.

    The only thing that i truly know...

    is that i know nothing at all.
  3. Your fine with those temps.
  4. What's your CPU? <A HREF="" target="_new">Check Here!</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Quick Shortcut if you have XP</A>

    I'm just your average habitual smiler =D
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