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Hi all,
I am upgrading a hp 550 laptop ram, it is running vista 32bit and only has 1gb ram in the. as vista takes up enough resources running any type of applications on with the net is sluggish and crashes with the ram usage at over 970mb. i was looking to upgrade the ram but only got a budget of about 30-40 pound i know that will only get me 2gb of ram if that.

What i need to know is, the ram in the lap top is it the 200pin modules, here is the link of laptop.


The ram states 667mhz so will this laptop only take 667mhz speeds and does anyone know if i can change the brand from hp to corsair for example.

How do i go about finding out if the ram is supported by the motherboard, if anyone has any ideas or links with any information it would be great.
I am doing this on behalf of my father inlaw and i only deal with desktops not laptops.

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  2. you can try using the scanner or looking up your model at www.crucial.com. They have a downloadable tool that wiill scan and tell you what type of ram, the number of ram sockets, and highest level upgrading that can be done for your particular computer model. They will of course try and sell you there ram and often have decent prices, but you can at least get the sceps you need for the type of ram your computer will take and have a starting point on pricing.
  3. Ok thank i will try this
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