AMD 64 3400 +3.2 ghz.,prod_id--11380392.html

i was looking for prices and , i seen this thru tom's.. price search.. zipzoomfly.. only has 2.2

is this a typo.. is there a big difference in th sockets ? is that why 939 is 3.2 ghz.. ? same price and socket 754..

thnxs for future info..
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  1. typo...S939 doesn't even have a 3400+ (and it sure as hell wouldn't run at 3.2GHz!)

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  2. The A64 3400+ comes in two flavors. It has 1 meg L2 cache, and runs at 2.2ghz, or it has 512k cache, and runs at 2.4ghz.
  3. the 3400 with stock 2.2ghz is the clawhammer core with the 1mb cache. I belive that there was never a socket 939 3400, they start at 3500 range.

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