Need a laptop to go along with iPad

Hey there,

I'm attending college this fall and think that iPad is the right thing for me. Its a great reader, games, notes, blogging. All is good there.

But, I need a laptop to accompany. Also its supposed to be a *hackintosh*. I had macs at home and just 'm not a PC guy. I'm looking for something that is core i5 at least, has an NVIDIA GPU (must for a hackintosh), and goes with me for atlest 2 to 3 yrs. It has to be somewhere around $1300-1400. Thats all I could save after the iPad. ($1200 would be sweet tho)

On it I want to do things that I cannot on iPad. Video encoding, Storage, music library stuff, web-designing and some programming.

Please help. I'm joining soon. Need something good enough.
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  1. OMG you blew a wad on an Ipad, and relized it still cant hang with a Laptop. You should of spent all you $$ on your laptop especially since you want to run osx.

    Your best bet is to look up osx86 on google and see if anyone has an i5 laptop running osx trouble free.

    I build hackingtosh desktops alot, and there just starting to get support for i5 so good luck.

    Some colleges ban the ipad.
  2. Brother,

    I guess anything i5 and i7 are supported. I have a hackintosh desk right now with an i5. Its the gfx card that blows off the deal. I thought about a Dell Studio XPS 16, but it carries an ATI HD 5730. An ATI, they say, doesn't work with OS X.
    So, I'm so hung up.
  3. if you are looking at Dell why not the M15x?
  4. With an i7, 4G RAM , full HD screen...Its already $1800. The card is still just a 512 MB 240M. The $1099 price point they advertise is for a real crappy thing. You customize a little, and BOOM!
    I cannot spend that much. I want to stick to something close to $1300.
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