Fresh OS, new hardware, and slow games?!

I just reinstalled win 7, with all my files on my velocipator I put win 7 ultimate 64 bit on my new samsung 840 Pro 128GB. When I run far cry 3 my system slows almost to a hault. The cinematics in Assasins creed 3 are slower than the actual game play. Far Cry 3 the cinematics are so slow its bad. I have an i5-2500k with an XFX HD7970 running 12.11 beta drivers. I'm so frustrated, can someone please help. I have Malwarebytes Pro but I got some type of malware that slowed down my system before i reinstalled the OS, is it possible that there could be something still on my HD? I ran combo fix, CCleaner, and I have tuneup utilities 2012. Theres no reason why games from UbiSoft should mess up my computer. Malwarebytes did catch a hijacked registry key after the OS reinstall. Thanks in advance guys!
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  1. have you tried a non-beta version of the video drivers?
  2. By reinstall you mean:
    a) you format the hard drives and installed the OS?
    b) you installed the OS on top of the previous one?

    The malware must still be there.I run AC3 on my i5-2430M @2.4ghz with a super outdated 530MX and game runs pretty steady at 1080.
  3. clean install make sure install the intel chipset drivers and ssd high speed need to install flash/java/directx as there not installed when you do a clean install of the os.
  4. yea sorry i didnt specify that, but smorizio I have all that and my drivers are good.
    and black by reinstall I mean i left my HD untouched and installed win 7 on my brand new SSD. And yes I tried the non beta drivers, but I think im gonna switch back to them now. AC3 runs great at full HD, the cinematics are slower than the game tho.
  5. You know what, it feels like its running off the integrated HD 3000 crappy graphics.. I'm gonna do some stuff then get back to you guys.
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