HELP: Computer shutsdown immediately

I have a tbird 1333ghz on a abit kg7-raid
Everything was working fine but my hsf was too loud so I replaced it.
When I push the power button, my drives and cpu fan starts spinning, but the computer turns itself off after about 2-3 seconds.

Any ideas what could be causing this?
I don't see any damage on the cpu core and don't think I used excessive force. I even have a cpu shim in place.

could there be another reason for this problem?
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  1. Does the system speaker beep at all?

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  2. Hey

    When you replaced your HSF did the other one come with a compound patch on the bottom or did u add some thermal compound??
  3. If you smeared arctic silver on the top of the chip, it may be causing a short. Clean the top of the chip, and put a small (smaller than that) amount of TIM on the raised surface of the die. This should clear the problem.
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