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My wife has a Lenovo S10-2 10.1" netbook. She can't stand how slow it is at playing flash games, so I upped the VGA clock with GMAbooster, and I am going to use SETFSB to overclock the processor. The problem is, I can't do it right now because it gets so hot. I need a cooler that will actually keep it cool but be thin enough so I can just velcro the thing to the netbook and leave it there. 75% of the time she uses it she has it sitting on her lap or the arm of our couch so I'd like to stay away from the stand type coolers. Just need something thin (and quiet) with good airflow. Thanks.
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    You can try this, but netbooks were in no way designed to be overclocked. Althought it's a bit suprizing that it can't handle flash games, unless you're talking some of the more advanced ones and not bubblebreaker.
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