Can\'t get toshiba computer and hp printer to communicate

I have a Toshiba satellite a505 computer with win7; a HP Photosmart Premium c309g-m printer; a cradlepoint wipipe router; wireless internet access using UM150 WWAN Verizon;

Problem: was able to print using wireless router; recently having been able to print; can't get printer included in Homegroup - need IPV6. Had homegroup setup including printer and one day it stopped functioning; tried to add it again when IPV6 msg appeared.

Did a Wireless Network Test and report showed authentication type changed from Open System to WPA-PSK
and Encryption from none to Automatic (AED or TKIP); Network troubleshooting doesn't help.

Turned off all equipment and restarted. When I reran the Wireless Setup Wizard it showed the same SSID, clicked on the SSID and it moved to next screen which asked for (Enter WPA Passphrase). I haven't any idea what this is so I couldn't complete wireless setup.

I would like to be able to print from my computer using wireless and have all equipment listed under Homegroup.
What can I do to get my computer and printer/router to communicate?
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  1. The wirelss changes will have happened in the router, not the printer or computer. Go into the config page of your router and re-do the WiFi settings. It is a good idea to use the secure settings it is set to now though, you do not want your WiFi open. I'm betting because it was open, somene broke into it and changed your settings. You may need to do a full reset on the router to access it again (should be a small reset button on the case of it).
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