5th Reinstall in 2 years

I recieved an Alienware Aurora r2 about 2 years ago as a gift. In 2 years I have had the motherboard replaced twice, ram replaced, and graphics cards replaced all by Dell. Since then I have had problems with my Windows 7 installation. The first two times my registry files became corrupted and were deleted. Then the computer refused to boot. And now I am getting a message saying that windowscodecs.dll is missing as dew.exe cannot start. I have ran checkdisk with no success as well as use windows recovery tool. I have no problem with reinstalling windows again, however I have a feeling that one of the components seems to be causing this problem. When I first received the computer, the OS was installed on a WD 500gb hard drive. It ran fine while the OS was installed on that. I upgraded the hard drive to an ssd, OCZ silver series I think, and it ran fine until the registry files were corrupted. I assumed that the OEM windows disk was at fault so I bought myself a copy of Ultamite and tried that. It ran for a good 4-5months and now I'm getting the windowscodecs.dll message when I log in. Also, the background at the log in screen is black as well as the desktop background. Aero is also not working. Any suggestions?
x58 alienware motherboard
i7 920 @3.8ghz
12gb ddr3 1333mhz
1 120gb OCZ silver series ssd for boot
2 WD 500gb hard drives for data and games
2x ati radeon HD5870s crossfired
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  1. run a registry cleaner like CCleaner or reinstall the OS, might be a virus or bloatware of some kind
  2. Maybe it's time to check your memory modules.
    MemTest86+ is good.
  3. anonymous1 said:
    I would be monitering your voltages it may be a failing PSU taking parts with it.

    speedfan works for me.

    Thanks for the tip. PSU Seems to be fine, any other suggestions?
  4. electronian said:
    Maybe it's time to check your memory modules.
    MemTest86+ is good.

    Hi, ran memtest86 for 5 passes. Memory modules seem to be OK. I think it has to do with my ssd. I might order a new hard drive as well as new RAM modules just to be safe. Any suggestions?
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