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I have a mobile 2500+ @ 2.2ghz. Today I finally broke down and bought an AVR instead of my cheap surge protector, but here is the weird thing, as soon as I booted back up and checked my temps, they magically went from 35c idle to 29c idle, I used asus probe, mbm5, and checked the temp in the BIOS and they all read the same. Can cleaner power give the result of lower temps or could it be just some fluke?

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  1. I haven't heard of such a thing, I believe it was just a fluke. Plus most newer PSU have noise filters built-in, meaning they should be filtering out any extra noise in the lines anyways.

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  2. Dirty power can cause overheating. In fact, I had problems with RAM overheating on several boards with failing capacitors (power noise filtering capacitors of course). Your power supply is supposed to do the job, but when it doesn't, you have to go to more expensive hardware.

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