How to choose between two models

I would like to buy new notebook and I am making decision between these two models (I am sorry for language at these links but I couldn't find english links with these notebooks)

lenovo thinkpad T510 (4314-8gg)

lenovo thinkpad W500(4062-5zg)

I've found some reviews but there not the same part numbers (T510 4349-4JG, W500 4061-2JG)

and some reviews of components:

I've choosen lenovo as a brand because I am used they have some standard like notebook body, small noise, small heating, etc. I understand that W500 is old model with removed bugs and t510 is hot news with additional features and there can appear some bugs. For example I have found some discussions like

I would like to ask you for your opion about these notebooks. Which one would you recommend me and why. Thank you in advance for your advice (sorry for my English)

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    If you aren't going to play games,then go for the first one,it has a much powerful CPU.
  2. Hi,
    thank you. I understand and I don't want to play games on it. I am trying to ask if somebody has some experience or knowledge if there are any problems with T510 (4314-8gg) like high temperatures, big noise on load, wifi automatically turning off during work or something like that. Thanks
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