Athlon64 3400+ vs Clocked Athlon64 3200+@2.2Ghz


I was woundering how much of a performance difference there is between the Athlon64 3400+(Clawhammer core) compared to a clocked Athlon64 3200+(Clawhammer core)@2.2Ghz? Is the Athlon64 3400+ worth the extra $150?
And if they are about equal in performance would it be worth the extra $150 so i could still have my Warrenty?

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  1. The 3200+ clawhammer clocked @ 10X220, should clearly outperform a clawhammer clocked @11X200. The question should be, would the 3400+ clawhammer be able to OC high enough to justify that expenditure. I am running my 3200 newcastle at 2.45. I think that most of the A64s made today, can clock around that, so, no I dont think the 3400+ clawhammer is worth the extra money. Personally though, I think the 3500 is a ripoff, and the more expensive A64s, are a waste.
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