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few days ago i installed a fresh copy of windows xp pro, i got all the drivers installed. i kinda play games on the laptop, i wanted the fan to go on full speed, but for some reason everytime i try to open toshiba power saver from control panel, a message will pop up and says u dont have the right to acces toshiba power saver, i am the only user and admin too, so i bought a laptop cooler and the tempature did went down like 6Celsisu, but it still freezes , i tried installing windows vista agian but it freezes during installation. the main problem is my slow fan, i will be happy if anyone know how to max my fan speed :p
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  1. Did you try right clicking on the toshiba power saver and clicking run as administrator? Give that a go and see if that gets you in. If that doesn't work, it may be worth a shot to take a look in the BIOS to see if the fan speed can be adjusted there.
  2. i tried but when i right click the only options were open or create shortcut, and i i did look in the bios, and fan speed can't be adjusted there, so i am pretty much dead, and after research my actaul problem is when the ac is plugged it freezes, if i run on battery mode it doesn't freeze, and everytime it freezes i hear a loud sound coming out from speaker, is the slow fan problem
  3. i did a test with the cpu and here are the results
    I used notebook hardware control 2.0 to change the cpu speed
    first is test with battery
    test 1
    max battery cpu on multiplier of 6 , external and internal clock both 798mhz-no freeze, cpu temp around 58

    battery optimized same setting-no freeze, cpu temp around 58

    dynamic switching same setting-no freeze, cpu temp around 58

    max performance cpu multiplier 14, external and internal clock both 1862 mhz-no freeze, cpu temp between 60-68.

    test 2 with ac plugged
    max battery, battery optimized, and dynamic switching no freeze, same temp as above.

    max performance this is when it freezes, freezes few seconds after startup, is not the fan problem now since i got a new cooler pad, and the fan speed is super fast so the temp is low, the problem now is the system freezes when ac plugged
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