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Hello. I have an old Gateway M350WVN laptop which was running extremely slow and the battery wasn't lasting very long. Upon further inspection I noticed that it is idling at 50 degrees Celsius which explains why the fans are running so much which is killing the battery and I assume also slowing down the computer. So I opened it up, cleaned it out and reset the CPU with Arctic Silver 5 and no luck. I'm not real familiar with laptops. What should be my next step? Thanks in advance for any help!!!
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  1. It's sad to say but you bought a gateway: one of the worse company on the market

    Most costumers coming to me to fix a Gateway has a dead motherboard because of overheating. This usually happen a few month after 1 year warranty is done.

    The only temporary solution is to buy a cooling pad but then your laptop becomes less portable....

    Is it old?

    You could send it back saying that there is a hidden vice on the laptop and you want your money back.

    The best thiong would be to buy another one and the best brand out there are ASUS and MSI.

    Don't get Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, they pretty much all have the same problems.

    Good luck
  2. Well that sucks. Thanks for your help.
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