XPS laptop busted? No idea what's wrong with it

Hello everyone,

My sister had a very expensive Dell XPS laptop (can get specific information later tonight) which apparently has simply "died" on her. Basically, it's the same story battery in, battery removed (with direct AC power). You power the laptop up, lights will go on, HDD will start to spin, and then bam, everything goes off and that's it. From that point all power must be removed (battery taken out, AC unplugged) in order for it to be able to "death boot" once again.

She brought it to me to try and figure out the problem, however I don't really know where to begin with symptoms like this, the LCD doesn't even turn on. Can anyone provide me leads? Possible similar stories? Or any input on what the issue may be?

Much appreciated everyone.
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  1. Very strange. It is acting like it isn't getting enough power to keep going or is shorting out somewhere. I take it that it will not boot on strict AC power with the battery removed or strictly with the battery in, correct? Do you know if the laptop is still under warranty or is it past the one year standard manufacturer's warranty?
  2. It will not fully boot under all circumstances. However I can get the described burst of "almost start up" with any configuration, however after doing it once you need to remove the battery in order to be able to do it again.

    The laptop is out of warranty from what I am aware (what I was told by the owner) hence why they came to me for help.
  3. anyone?
  4. make sure the owner didnt buy dells 3yr extended coverage :)
    other than that, try a different power cord. otherwise i have no more suggestions, excpet that i would suggest the motherboard is a goner.
    but also, what the exact model/specs...
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