Using CMD to create boot usb need help

Not sure if this is where this belongs but i need help!! please!

I already extracted the ISO to a folder on my desktop and i already have the USB formatted to NTFS.

All i need to do now is make it a bootable device now but everytime i try to specify the folder on my desktop i get this error repeatedly.

cmd comes up starting with C:\Windows\System32>

i type this in in front of the aforementioned: C:\Windows\System32>C:\Users\Heavy Metal 2000\Desktop\Windows 7

Finale product looks liek above and i get this message what am i doing wrong?

" C:\Windows\System32>C:\Users\Heavy Metal 2000\Desktop\Windows 7 is not a recognized internal or external command, operable program or batch file"

Need to be able to access that file path in order to make a Boot USB afaik
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  1. if i try using CD:\Users\yadayada i get the file name directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect
  2. why not just use software to both make it bootable and extract the iso to it?

    this one works great and is free

    can also make multi boot usb with it which is really usefull
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    Rufus is really good as well, and is also free...
  4. wow thx guys went with rufus seemed a little more automated and user friendly will post how it goes once i plug it in. My luck im gonna plug the tower in and get more beeps then i know what to do with..
  5. All you needed to do is extract ISO to your USB, open elevated command prompt, get into the usb root\boot folder (X:\boot) and type 'bootsect /nt60 X: /force /mbr' where X: is your USB's drive letter.
  6. Ahh had no idea you could do it that way nice to know thanks soda
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