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have a thermaltake armor case whic is the first one they put out im pretty sure everything is working except the card reader in the front, the usb port works fine and thats the only thing i can think of that could be showing up as unknown, it came in the case and no hardware IDs show up in the device manager i know it worked fine in win xp but on win 7 ultimate 32bit i cant find any drivers to get it to work....any help would be appreciated.
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  1. can you disconnect the card reader to see if that is indeed the unknown device?
  2. i guess i can try that now....the header is a pain to get to thats why i havnt tried it thus far lol....powering down to unplug now brb
  3. yes it is the unknown device now that its unplugged its gone.....i originally thought it came with the case but looking at thermaltakes website it did not and ive had the case and reader for years now....
  4. do you have any idea who made the card reader?
  5. Thermaltake has a download page for their devices; you might find something there if you did not look there already?
  6. Yeah I looked there, and i have no idea what kind it is it's been so long i cant remember, i took it out of the case and inspected it for a brand or label but found there maybe something on the chip board for the card reader that would identify it?
  7. only if you maybe find a part number or something like that I guess.

    If you can plug it into another XP box, maybe XP would detect it and then you could get a start on where to look.
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