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Hey guys, just done hnc computing so got a fair idea of how it works. Still stumped on this one though, my GF tried updating her i-phone earlier. USB port's not working, tried other devices (which light up but dont register on laptop (so getting power from laptop but nothing else), checked device manager, all usb ports there but yellow bang warning marks on them. Tried the usual, updating drivers, un/re-install the ports and drivers etc. No usb option in bios (as suggested on another site) its a compaq presario M2000 running xp sp2 and newly installed 2011 kaspersky (which threw a little wobbly the other night as its updated from the original 2009 license) cant pin down exactly when the fault occurred but worked when on i tunes about 2 weeks ago. any advice greatly appreciated.
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  1. Did you update the USB driver from driver Compaq driver etc CD (usually supplied with the computer). There may be a newer driver on the HP Compaq site.
  2. Hi yes I tried both to no avail. I even tried a system restore but it wont let me do that for some reason, tried 3 different dates but none of them were able to complete. . One of the lads from my course had mentioned port monitoring might be the problem and while I have found a few sites saying the same thing I cant find any info on checking this and stopping it if it is the problem.
  3. Went through all the troubleshooting stuff on compaq too but they cant help, running a windows updater but unlikely to help. Think it could be the i-net security suite causing dramas?
  4. Check the BIOS screens to see that USB is enabled.

    As the issue might have coincided with an issue with the AV program -- try disabling the program and testing the USB before and after restarting the machine from powerdown.
  5. yeah the bios doesnt show any option for usb's unfortunately. but ill remove the av and try, thanks.
  6. double checked bios, def no usb options (its actually pretty basic) and tried disablng av then removing the av altogether but still nothing. Think a format then fresh install of everything would fix it?
  7. I wouldn't be in a rush to reinstall Windows unless you have exhausted all other options. For example, if the laptop has a PCMCIA slot you can add a card which has USB2 ports -- a common (cheap) upgrade for older laptops which only had USB1.
  8. Try going to Device manager and uninstalling the drivers for your all of USB controllers and restart the computer. When prompted on startup for the device drivers point to c:\windows\system32\drivers folder.
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