new athlon lowers 3D mark perfomance ?! help

Hi there,
I just installed my new Athlon 2800+ and my 3D Mark score went from over 5200 to 4460!
My old CPU was Athlon 1600+ overclocked to 1.6GHz. I have also set the new 2800+ to its regular 2.09Ghz by setting FSB to 166Mhz.
My system: ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, motherboard – MSI: KT3 Ultra2 (MS-6380E), 2x256 DDR SDRAM 2700…
Now in the score these tests show huge decrease: GT2,3,4, Pixel Shader, Ragtroll
Little decrease: Vertex Shader

Increase: GT1, CPU Test 1 and 2, No Sounds, 24 Sounds

Please help, what’s wrong. I am so frustrated. You don’t expect worse performance on a better CPU.

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  2. It's not a 64 AMD. It's Athlon 2800+ (regular).
    I also ran some more tests. Doom3 timedemo increased from 33.9 to 39.1 FPS. And Aquamark from 30478 (GFX 4356, CPU 5076) to 34749 (GFX 4860, CPU 6093).
    So this makes me think if 3D Mark is OK, or if there is a bug or something. Any ideas?

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  3. It doesn't recognize 166 as a valid intel fsb speed.
  4. that matters?! I didn't know that..
  5. Not in the least.

    Have you got the latest drivers/BIOS for your motherboard? My score went from 8000-12000 in 3D mark02001 when I updated the chipset drivers.
    Also 3Dmark03 is pretty FSB dependant so the increased FSB of your overclocked Athlon might have helped you get a better score.
  7. Yes, I have latest BIOS and Drivers for motherboard. I will start OC my system as soon as I know what's the problem. First think first...
  8. What does that mean exactly - Doesn't recognize 166. How can I fix it. I have latest BIOS and Drivers for my MOBO.
  9. Thank guys for your ideas. I solved the problem.
    First I found an article on AMD forums:

    Description of Issue

    An issue has been identified that could result in the corruption of video data shared between AGP graphics adapters and AMD Athlon™ or AMD Duron™ processors, including the AMD Athlon™ MP processor when running Microsoft Windows®2000 Professional, Windows®2000 Server, or Windows®2000 Advanced Server. This issue is independent of system chipset and has been observed when running Ziff-Davis 3D Winbench™ 2000 and Mad Onion 3DMark™ 2000 in benchmarking mode.


    AMD and Microsoft have worked together to identify a patch that involves adding a key to the registry. To add the key run the registry key installation file below or add the registry key as detailed in Microsoft KnowledgeBase article Q270715. AMD recommends that AMD Athlon™ and AMD Duron™ processor, including AMD Athlon™ MP processor users with AGP graphics adapters running Microsoft Windows®2000 Professional, Windows®2000 Server, or Windows®2000 Advanced Server install this patch.

    Although they say it's for Win 2000 I tried it anyway and it worked. My score in 3D Mark are like 1000 points higer from problem state and about 200 points higher from previous slower CPU.

    Next I found and installed update for 3D Mark. Now it correctly identifies my CPU.
  10. Have you installed the 330 or 340 build patch?

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