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Hi folks,

I am new to pin ownership, having just purchased Simpsons Pinball
Party, Addams Family, and just yesterday, a TZ that is in excellent

.....except for one thing. when I get the ball into the right ramp
diverter(?). It rolls back to drop the ball back on the field ok, but
it makes this rattling sound for a second or so before returning to
it's upright position.

then, when I light "the power", and put the ball up on the right ramp,
the diverter drops back like it's going to allow the ball to pass onto
the upper PF, but the rattling sound returns, and the vibration
knocks the ball off the rail!

then sometimes it works fine, but always with this griding sound when
it is flipped back.

I checked the movement by using my hand to roll it back and up
several times, and it seems to move freely.

Any ideas? this one issue is the only problem I have found in this
otherwise perfect game!


Jeff Jordan
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    The grinding is probably the solenoid which activates the diverter.
    Check the linkage for looseness. Try putting a magnet in the diverter
    to avoid bouncebacks.

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