Razer DeathAdder freezes for a second when changing DPI


Just bought a Razer DeathAdder 3.5G (3500DPI) mouse yesterday. I love it, except for its DPI-changing functionality. When I change to a profile of a different DPI, or directly use the DPI Change function of the driver using the on-the-fly buttons, the cursor freezes for half a second. You can imaging how unacceptable that is in an online FPS, such as Bad Company 2, where I'd like to do my sniping with a lower DPI than usual.

Anyone knows how this could be circumvented, if at all?
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  1. if a half second of mouse stutter when changing a profile kills your game, perhaps you should practice more. after all, how often do you actually need to change it?

    the delay is most likely caused by your computer "loading the new mouse profile" and not the actual mouse. keep in mind when it does this button assignments can be radically different so it must process this (even if it is the same).

    i believe mice with only a "dpi adjustment" feature will switch a little faster but i've never used one of those myself. i have the deathadder myself and it works perfectly fine.
  2. How often? When I play as Recon in Bad Company, then I need it whenever I zoom in on my sniper rifle. And a friend of mine has a slower computer (laptop) with the Razer Imperator doesn't have that problem. He says it's the better driver that makes the difference. Mine is updated, of course.
  3. well yeah, like i said the lag is due to the computer loading the updated profile in the razer software. the actual mouse is fine. the imperator might have a slightly different software set. there really isnt too much you can do about it unless razer decides to update their drivers to account for this.

    i always keep the dpi between 900-1200 and leave it static. there is little difference when zooming in to snipe than shooting far off targets non-zoomed. i can't fathom trying to play with 3500+ dpi as some people swear by. personal preference, but i find it far superior in FPS.

    having a cloth mousepad can definitely help as it will eliminate any mouse drag which might cause micro-movements of the mouse on a higher dpi. that way there is no need to change the mouse dpi in order to make your aiming more accurate.
  4. I cant speak for the Razor, but I have used the dell, logitec, and evoluent mice with DPI change functions and there is no delay. check to see if there is software profiles for the razor that kicks in when the DPI changes. Install the latest version of the software.
  5. I have the latest driver. It's just not such a good driver.
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    when you set a button to this function it changes the whole profile. this means that the system has to load the buttons profile, new dpi and new polling rate. even if these are set to the same (and only dpi changes) it still has to load the entire thing.

    its not just a "change dpi rate" function which is why there is probably a delay. the driver may not be the best, but it is adequate.


    if you want a mouse with a quicker response on dpi change then get a model which only does dpi change with the button (and not a profile swap). that may solve your "issue"
  7. The DeathAdder has a Change DPI function, but it suffers from the exact same symptom.
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