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I'm planning to build a linux based media player with a blu ray drive. I also want to be able to share files out of that, so that it works as a media player. I need to be able to control this system using a remote except for some administration purposes. My budget is around $300. Can someone provide me what would be best hardware and software components for this? I have never built a pc in my life, so i'm a newbie. thanks.
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  1. I wish I could encourage you, but Linux does not legally support Blu-Ray. Yes, there are hacks and even now some software that makes it fairly painless, but it still relies on illegal codes and information.

    For me, I will not take the Blu-Ray bite; I am going from DVD straight to streaming. . .
  2. Thanks PhilFrisbie. I didn't want to pay for windows os and hence was inclined towards free Os like linux/ubuntu.
  3. I just built a media PC and used an old copy of XP Pro I had. Works fine, and was essentially free except for the time to install HUNDREDS of Windows updates and many reboots. . .
  4. Hmmm i need to find out if i can get a free copy somewhere :) Thanks anyways. Btw, if i decided to go about using windows, any recommendations regarding the hardware required to build this?
  5. I will eventually use my media PC as a DVR with a tuner, so it will be on 24/7. I used a motherboard based on an AMD E-350 APU. It is low power but has PLENTY of speed for HD video.
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