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Celerons are really bad for 3D gaming?

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September 22, 2004 6:38:30 AM

Five months ago,I bought some hardware.
Here they are.
1.Celeron 2.4GHz
2.Nvidia FX5600 64MB [3DMARK2001 B330 score:7500]
3.DDR400 256MB
4.Maxtor ATA133 80GB 7200rpm (2MB cache)

When I play a massive multiplayer game like "Joint OPS" with over 40 ppl,lagging often happens to me.
The game only runs well when the number of players is below 15.
In additon,I already set video low details.
What hardware needs upgrading for better gaming?
Does anyone have suggestion? :) 

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September 22, 2004 8:36:44 AM

Most 3d games are pretty memory hungry, especially mmorpg type games. The need for memory space is further increased if you are running WinXP. So for what you have there, the first upgrade that should be done is to atleast add another 256 stick to that system. That would probably help. . .a lot.

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September 22, 2004 9:08:36 AM

Celerons are bad for everything, but I think your memory is holding you back more.

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September 22, 2004 2:42:08 PM

Celerons are bad for everything


Anyways, you really need a minimum of 512 MB of RAM, especially if you are running Windows XP, any less, and you are going to run into problems.

I would get another 256 MB stick, should be able to pick one up for $30-$50 ($USD).

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September 22, 2004 10:08:17 PM

What hardware needs upgrading for better gaming?

The network cables and modems between you and the other players.
September 22, 2004 10:56:40 PM

The network cables and modems between you and the other players.

You did mean that they were the only thing worth keeping right?
September 22, 2004 11:05:31 PM

Upgrades depend on your hardware ie...

Pentium 4 2.4Ghz (depend on your board as to what CPU you can goto though your celeron could be a good overclocker, it all depends...)
512MB ram (best v.f.m. increase)
FX5900XT 128mb
HDD with 8 Mb cache (this would give the least performance increase)

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September 23, 2004 4:50:21 AM

Thanks,all. :) 
To upgrade the memory to 512MB is the first thing.
And to upgrade the graphic card is the second.
In addition,I just have a budget of 350 dollars for upgrading.
So,is it worth buying a new HD with 8M cache?
September 23, 2004 7:40:07 AM

I suggest you upgrade the memory & cpu first.
you can buy a piece of celeronD and overclock it to instead of the celeron2.4.
and I thought your video card is not too weak,upgrading it isn't necessary .
September 23, 2004 9:41:24 AM

fcuk the celerons, just get a nice 2.8Ghz P4. (If you can find a 2.4 P4c for cheap then thats great bu they are nearly impossible to find now).