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Hey, i have to click the same thing at specific space, think something like 4 games open at the same time on the screen, and i wanted to move all the mouse pointers with only one mouse, i only need the click, if there is something that can click for me the other table simultaneous, i input the space i want betwen the cursors and the how many cursors. Or just make the pointer move a number o pixels, click, move again and click, move again and click,......, move again and click then return to where you clicked first. I need it to click in 6, 20, 25 and 30 locations at same time, but i have no clue where i could look for something like this.
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  1. What OS? Windows only supports one mouse pointer, but some others support more than one mouse pointer.
  2. There are macros you can setup to move and click the mouse. vbscript will do that, there is also a neat tool I used in a game called ACTools.
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