Need Advice on Next Upgrade Please

Current Rig:

NEC AccuSync 90 19" CRT Monitor
Creative Labs Eclipse 4.1 Speakers
SoundBlaster Live 5.1 Sound Card
AMD 64 3000+ OC'd to 2.2GHZ
1GB Corsair XMS PC3200 400 MHZ
60 Gig Western Digital HD w/2mb Cache
GeForce 4 Ti4600
MSI K8N Neo Platinum MB

Looking to spend between 300-400 in upgrades currently, and looking for the best bang for the buck. I'm thinking Video Card (specifically 6800 GT), but with PCI-E on the horizon I want a video card that will last me for a long long time. Suggestions/advice is appreciated!

Thanks guys!
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  1. Ye i would suggest putting it all on your videocard. You ahve and incredibaly nice system if i may say so my self. Yes an 6800 will be a very nice addition. Dont wory about PCI-E becaause for amd , it wont be out until december-march. And even when it's out you wont seen any noticable differences. Get yourslef a 6800, weither it's and GT/Ultra/Ultra Extreame is up to u.

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  2. Get a 6800GT

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  3. I browsed around NewEgg today and ordered an OEM Seagate Barracuda 120 Gig 7200 RPM HD 7200.7. I've heard good reviews about it, and at $90 bucks, I thought it was a pretty good deal. Some people say they're loud, and others say they can't hear them at all, can anyone tell me their experience with this HD?
  4. Quiet.
  5. The people that tend to say a hard drive is loud, are the people who want something absolutely quiet, personally I have never heard a hard drive, that I truely felt was louder than it should have been. Anyways, you apprantly have been getting by on just 60 gig for a while? So it would seem you may not need all the extra space? Anyways, my point, you may want to consider a 10k RPM 36 gig drive, which would be similar price. The 10k RPM drives really do help. You could keep your current drive for extra storage space. However the 7200 RPM drive you picked would also be a good upgrade from what you have.

    If you play games at all, the video card would be the best upgrade. I personally would get the 6800GT. However if you aren't playing the latest games, your current TI4600 is plenty.

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  6. Do you guys think I should wait a month or two to wait for any future promotions/deals on the 6800 GT, or are the odds of any special promo that is worth my while slim in that timeframe? I just want to make sure that if I spend $379 on a video card, I get my money's worth :P
  7. If you are playing D3 now, get the card now. If you want a card for HL2, wait and see how it plays.
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