No idea what im suppose to do! please help

OK so im new to the forums here, so hello.

anyhow to the point i bought steelseries 7h with sound blaster recon3d fatal1ty sound card, hoping to improve in game audio.

well i got my sound card and i plugged it in and got the software installed went to the settings and for the headphones you can only get stereo sound. so that is why i am here.

my problem is i want 5.1 dolby digital surround sound for my headset obviously or i wouldnt of gotten the type of headset.

so now my quest is how do i get dolby digital for my headset...

i read that you need a digital to analog converter but when i looked on amazon i found some and one said that the convert doesnt support dolby digital signal so im worried ill buy the convert and wont get the 5.1 dolby digital or worse and crappy sound.

someone please help on this dilemma
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  1. If the game does not have surround sound on the media...
    Then there is NO surround sound.
    No, a D to A convertor is NOT the problem.
    The media you PLAY must be surround sound media, or there will be NO surround sound.
    Just because you have a surround headset...
    Does not mean that there will be surround sound. Surround COMES from the media, not the headphones.

    Surround media is ENCODED. When you play it back, then it DECODES, creating the surround channels.
    If there is no ENCODING to start with, there is nothing to DECODE.
    The DVD or game will say" surround sound" on the label. If there is no surround on the media, there is nothing to DECODE.
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