Anyone heard of the Samsung X10?

I'm buying a new laptop before I head off to college in a few weeks and I was pretty set on a Dell Inspiron 600 but in the UK I saw a laptop I liked a lot - The Samsung X-10. It's thinner and lighter than the Dell I was considering and seems to have the same specs... 1.7ghz centrino, dvd/cd burner, wireless, expandable to 2gb of ram, etc. The only difference is the Dell would have the 64mb Radeon 9000 mobility and the Samsung would have the GeForce4 440 go 64mb. I'll be upgrading them to 1gb of ram and the only graphic intensive stuff I'd run are just some games. Which do you think I should get? For some reason the Samsung X10 is only abroad, couldn't find any US sites with info on it.
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  1. I am also looking at ultra portable. I have seem the X10 once. It is really nice but, I am not sure with the quality and service. Friends suggest me to check Sony VAIO PCG-Z1RTP.
  2. They are nice laptops and Samsung is a serious company but I believe the display resolution is limited to 1024x768...
  3. The Sony PCG is pretty nice but it's a bit too small for my needs and the video card isn't as good as the one in the Samsung or Dell. Basically I tried to find the lightest/thinnest notebook with the best video card since I do play games.
    As for the resolution, I don't mind 1024x768 and notebooks always look better in their native resolution anyway. If I want to go higher I'll just get a flat LCD monitor for my dorm and plug it in.
    So far I've heard the X10 is great except for the battery power... on the slim battery it can only get a little over 2 hours and on the extended it gets up to 4.5. I'm not sure about these claims and for the most part I'll have it plugged in anyway. I usually can't work that long anyway, I get bored =).
  4. check out the acer 803. its centrino 1.6, radeon 9000 and very light and thin. costs around the same as the dell. read the reviews for it on cnet. thats the one id go for if i was going for a centrino and a good (but not best) video card. dont know how u can configure it though.
  5. what do wou guys think about the hp nx7000 then? got about 7500+ in 3dmark01 and 1150 in 3dmark03
  6. Take a good look at the new Gateway 200, it seems like a rebadged X10. Why do I think this? the older 12.1 inch screen Gateway and the Dell Latitude X200 is a rebadged Samsung. Also the specs seems to be pretty similiar, both weigh about the same, has the drives built in, and has the same screen size.
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