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Hi! we use 2 puters running Win2k, they are linked to share the net with a D-link router. We never been able to set a game on the net to play NHL2002 for exemple or Unreal Tournament. we can reach servers but not friends IP or friends cant reach us either...Help!IS itthe firewall ??/

OK francais maintenant nous utilisons un router D_link pour partager le net, nous jouons a UT sur les serveurs mais losqu<on veur partir une pasrtie que ce soit UT ou NHL presonne est capable de se logger a nous et nous de se logger a eux...est-ce le firewall? AU secours! et maerci
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  1. You have to setup a DMZ - let them into your lan

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  2. a DMZ ? please?

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  3. a dmz = a demilitarized zone or a zone \ computer outside of the firewall.. set your browser to this ip address , log into your router, (default password is admin) set up dmz or forward the required ports in special apps, advanced or virtual server also go to the dlink website and read the FAQ and also the maual that came with the router. Also log into the forums for games and the one for dlink routers on


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