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We are having an issue with our internet. Now this only happens every now and then, when I go to access the internet for example or, the internet just half way loads. It just loads text no pictures and the paragraphs are all in the wrong place. To fix this issue I've been having to just click refresh over and over until the page loads it self fully. I've had this issue at other computers in our building that are connected to the same network. There are approximately 4 switches (the switch connected the the cable modem is the firewall) and then the cable modem which is 50 Mbps.

I was hoping one of you might know what the problem is. What I was thinking is that one of the switches may be going bad, now i have no idea if that is even remotely correct. The computers that I'm using has windows 7 on them, if there any other information needed please just let me know. Any help would be awesome!

Jacob G.
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  1. If it is happening on many different computers it isn't software based it is network based.
  2. I figured it wasn't software based. Like i said above i assume it was maybe a switch going bad. Have you ever heard of a switch that is going bad and made the internet not fully load sites? If not that any one got any other suggestions?
  3. it sounds like the cable modem or one of the switches are over heating and locking up. If your one of the it people log in too the cable modem and see if the log showing any error and check that the modem and switches have good airflow around them. see if you can have the it guy move your pc to another port on the switch or your group. it tell if it the port on the switch is going or there another issue. on your desktop pick up a network diag program that show your network ip all the devices on it and the packets your pc is making.,.if your network card is crapping out you should see a lot of lost packets on your pc. one thing to talk to your it guys or shop guys is ip conflict..there a portable ipad or notbook someone got set up with fixed ip addy that sometime is the same as yours so your getting a lock up till the device or switch changes you ip info. the one you cant fix youself is a bad server between you and the web info your working on. there few free internet tools that you can put in your ans the company ip info and it does a trace route and you can see if there a lost link.
  4. Okay, you got any programs that you think i should try?
  5. This problem can occur if the ISP has set the connection speed to high. Contact your ISP and get them to check the error rate of your connection and let them turn down the speed if necessary. Before doing this you should of course disconnect power and reset any network equipment you may have.
  6. The only problem I've had with this has been the last couple months. We've noticed a lot of neighbors getting Comcast installed the last few months (only "high-speed" ISP in my neighborhood unfortunately). That being said, we also needed to replace some home network hardware as it was several years old.

    I've also heard rumors of ISPs 'throttling' traffic on certain sites (particularly YouTube), but I've never looked into it.
  7. Having more than one DNS server with conflicting records will cause this too.

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