Can I reuse Windows 7?


I'm thinking of building a PC and I'm wondering if I can use my all ready installed and activated copy of 7 Home Premium on this new build. It would be installed on the same hard drive it is now. So basically a reinstall on the same hard drive but with all new hardware. I got the disc when I purchased an HP desktop with Vista. They mailed me the 7 disc, which other than the HP branding on the label, seems like it would be the same as a retail copy.

Otherwise I guess I'll have to buy an OEM copy of 7 for the new build I guess.

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  1. Since it's an HP-branded disc, it will likely only work on HP computers... so you'd be out of luck. Besides, OEM licensing doesn't allow for the transfer of the software from one computer to another.
  2. it is only good for that 1 computer,it will get denied if you try to activate it!
  3. Simple answer - NO
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