Overheating P4EE, HELP!

Hey y'all
I am fairly new at this building your own computer thing, but ive built a couple so far and havent had too many problems. I recently Purchased a p4 3.2 Extreme edition chip, the cpu is idling around 50 degrees celsius, and jumps to almost 70 with load. when i researched it on the net i found this chip to be running around 30 degrees for others. Any ideas what could be causing the excessive temp?
this is the system.

Corsair pc3200c2 1 GIG
Radeon 9800 pro
80 gig seagate sata
lg dvdrw

Any ideas i would really appreciate, does anyone think it may jsut be the temp monitoring application?
the vcore voltage is around 1.5
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  1. What heatsink are you using, and what do you have in terms of case cooling?
  2. 50 idle and up to 60 under load is not uncommon for Prescotts, and likewise I think the EE's run slightly hotter due to the 2megs cache.
    Yours is running a little hot, Is your heat sink seated properly?

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  3. 70 degrees is the threshold you want to stay under, BTW...

    Try everything...
    Do not be afraid of failure, for this is how we learn and grow...
    Live life to the fullest...
    Do not regret what you have not yet done!!!
  4. I have a new AMD64 system i just built that is also monitoring aroudnd the same: 50 degrees at idle and in the high 60's when under heavy load. The strange thing is, too, that the monitoring software shows my cpu fan as reaching a maximum of around 1400 rpm when the cpu is at its hottest (around 67) and at 900 rpm when coolest (around 50 degrees). Shouldn't the fan go a lot faster when it starts to heat up??

    The system temp is always really cool (around 20 degrees idle and up to 30 when under heavy load).
    The monitor has never given me a warning, however.

    Here's my specs:
    MSI K8n Neo Platinum 754
    AMD64 3200+ *not overclocked*
    Corsair Valueselect 2.5cas 512mb x 2 ddr400
    Dual 160gb SATA raid 0
    500w "Ultra" PSU
    Two front variable speed intake fans, one full speed side outtake fan, and the PSU has dual fans. I do have other fans that I plan to attach to the rear but have not hooked them up yet. But it seems like this is a CPU heating problem not a system heating problem.

  5. three more updates:

    1. I ran a test of flamingo raytracing (pegs the processor at 100% for as long as you want) and the system pushed up to 69 degrees with a cpu fan at 1600 rpm. I OC'ed it a touch (up to 208 FSB) to see if it made any difference and it started climbing up to 71 degrees before I turned it off.

    2.I put in my two extra case fans hooked up to the system fan plugs on the mobo. I switched the front case fans over to 4-pin psu power. So that makes it: 2 input fans, 3 output fans + 2 PSU output fans (all 80mm).

    3. I re-ran the flamingo raytrace test and the CPU again climbed to a steady-state of 68 degrees (not oc'ed). System temp was 24 degrees in both tests. However, with the extra case fans it seems to be holding steady at 68 with a CPU rpm of 1400-1500 as opposed to the 1650 or so before the extra case fans.
    With this setup I OC'ed the system again to 208 FSB but this time it remains stable at 68 degrees and 1520 rpm. This is encouraging, but isn't this still a bit hot?? Is there a way to manually up the CPU fan speed?


    further system spec I forgot to mention: heatsink & fan are stock AMD (retail box cpu). There is no NB fan. All voltages are fine (1.50, 3.33, 4.92, and 12.38 and hold steady within +/- .01 volts).
  6. Standard Post:

    Reseat Heat Sink
    Is there sufficent Airflow in the system (AT LEAST one Intake + 1 Exuast (not including PSU))

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  7. hey,
    i have 3 out fans and one in on my case, iam using the stock cooler but i am pretty sure its on right, i may take it off and try to resit it, the pentium 4 EE is acutally built on a northwood core according to my knowledge. not the prescott.
  8. Gallatin. The reason why he says it'll got hot LIKE the Prescott is the 2MB L3, which increases the transistor count a lot.

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  9. though from what ive heard it should still be runnign lik15 degrees cooler than it is? any ideas from anyone?
  10. If I re-seat the heatsink do I have to put new thermal compound on? If I pull the heatsink off it will break that thermal compound contact (obviously) - will it be able to properly "seal" itself back up again if i just put it back on?

    Also, another fan question:

    I like variable speed fans but my mobo only has 2 system fan plugs. There's also a NB (northbridge) fan plug. I'm not using a chipset cooler, so can I plug a variable speed case fan into this plug, or is it the wrong voltage/amperage?

  11. Yes, clean processor and use new thermal paste application to insure good contact. After all, you are doing it to try and lower temps.
    Yes fan northbridge fan connector will run your fan.

    Try everything...
    Do not be afraid of failure, for this is how we learn and grow...
    Live life to the fullest...
    Do not regret what you have not yet done!!!
  12. hmm... perhaps this is why it runs hot?
    When I very first installed the heatsink it was "pre-pasted" with thermal compound. I set it down but didn't quite get the clip right, pulled it off and then put it back on again really quick and then securely fastened it. Could this be causing it to overheat? I guess that's an obvious question..

    Alright. I'll buy some thermal compound . How do I clean off the old compound?
  13. The first question should be whether or not your HSF is adequate.

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  14. The stock fan for athlon64's run at 3500rpms. Something is wrong there.

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  15. You might want to check at the mobo makers site for bios upgrades. The nforce boards seem to be having a bad time recognizing the sensor, and so missread the temps. Try running your 100% usage prog again, and then touching your hsf, with your finger. It should be too hot to keep your finger on more than a few seconds, if it is actually close to 70c. The finger test works equally for P4EEs and A64s.
  16. hey, ive reattached my lower end liquid cooling system and itve got it down to 37, this isnt very fair off the desired temp, and may just be off in the software reading.
    thanks for the help
  17. Good tip, the ol finger on the sink...

    Try everything...
    Do not be afraid of failure, for this is how we learn and grow...
    Live life to the fullest...
    Do not regret what you have not yet done!!!
  18. WOW! Absolutely! Even a 92mm Zalman 6000 fan will peg at 2700rpm. 1400 under load? Somethings wrong here. Oron should be over 2000 rpm under load at least. Is this fan connected right?

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  19. what could cause the cpu fan to run too slowly?? It's been like this ever since I put the machine together (about 2 weeks ago).
  20. I did a little investigating and found this thing in my bios called "smart cpu fan target." The default settings apparently set it to 60c! Also the tolerance was at max (5). So I cranked it as low as possible (40c target) and set the tolerance to 1.

    Now when I run raytracing (cpu pegged at 100%) the system runs steady at around 57 degrees with a cpu fan of 3020rpm. At idle the cpu runs around 49 degrees with a fan of 2800rpm.

    I guess that did the trick, although it seems a little hot still...

    Also: I do have "cool-n-quiet" enabled both in bios and in the core center software.
  21. An update to this post:

    The Bios setting for 40degrees solved the problem and kept the processor at 45idle/55load.

    Just today I flashed the lates BIOS update for this mobo. One of the fixes was a "temperature monitor fix." Now the temp reads 40idle/50load.

    Apparently it was overestimated the temp earlier. Phew. :-)
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