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Hello, I have heard mixed reviews about the Logitech G110 gaming keyboard, and the Logitech Z506...
Could someone who knows what they are talking give me a more definitive answer? And if those peripherals are crud could you recommend me better ones around or cheaper than the price of those?

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  1. logitech makes some pretty good mainstream perepherals. i've never had any trouble with them. i know someone who has one of those lcd boards (not sure if its the g110 but similar at least) and they like it.

    keep in mind that the device is still a plastic, rubber-membrane type keyboard.

    as for my opinion on the absolute best boards? a mechanical-keyswitch based board such as the ones made by unicomp, das, or others. the difference between membrane type and mechanical type keyboards are night and day. they do tend to make a bit more noise though so aren't great if that matters to you.
  2. Thanks! Mechanical are definitely out of my budget... and the ones with the LCD display are the higher end models but they are in the same line....
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