CQ61-225ee IDT HD audio codec part number

Hello,i have installed the new ubuntu 10.04 in my CQ61-225EE Laptop, everything worked pretty well. The only problem is my audio device. I can't seem to find anywhere in the device manager (using win 7) the audio device's part number. the only thing it keeps on showing is "IDT HD audio device" and the driver version. I need the part number if it's STAC9200, STAC9204, STAC9205 or something else because IDT's website offers drivers for linux system.

I've already tried using Speccy (from Piriform) but they only show the same info that win 7 device properties shows.

Probably, one of the Tech-gurus has an idea how i can get the exact part number of the said device.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. By the way I'm from the Philippines so please bear with my grammatical errors.


PS. here's my email just in case someone would like to e-mail his/her reply instead. bornokgames@gmail.com again, thanks, maraming salamat po!
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