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I'm having a password problem. setup is two xp computers, one window 7 and server 2003. xp and win 7 are home edition. the xp computers no problems connecting to server, but win 7 when I try to connect it tells me that the user name/password are incorrect. I can connect to the xp computers through win 7 just can't connect to the server. Everything was working fine until yesterday when a power outage occured. restarted all systems and windows 7 is the only one giving me problems.
what I have done is:

check the settings on the server for the win 7 computer everything is just as it was set up.
reset password anyway.

on win 7 computer check to see if the file sharing password was turned off. It was
did a system restore.
checked the registry for the lm compatibility level is set to 1.
verified that I can connect to the other computers no password required.

The other computers connect to the server just fine. (windows 7 is the problem).

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have reinstalled windows 7. Same problem.

    I have pinged the server great response. When it comes to the user name and password it still seems like it goes nowhere. I would think it is a setting since everything else is working.
  2. I'm reinstalling xp at this time.

    thank you

    I have to some more research into why this is happening. I just don't understand why it works flawless one day and not the next.
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