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I just changed my mobo to an Abit NF7-S. This is the first time I have to configure my own Operating Speeds in the bios. How do I know what speeds I can select for my processor if my processor came preinstalled without any manual? I have an AMD Thunderbird K7 - 1GHz processor, but the SoftMenu setup in the bios says my CPU is:

Internal Frequency: 850MHz
External Clock: 100MHz
Multiplier Factor: 8.5

If I set it to: 1000MHz, 100MHz, 10.0 the system seems to be unstable. Shouldn't my proc be able to run in these specs? If not which document would tell me otherwise? The AMD site didn't seem to help. Thanks.

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  1. Maybe it's supposed to be 133x7.5, keep guessing.

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  2. having a decent mobo like that, do yourself a favor and spend 80$ on a 2500+ xp-m and have some fun!

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  3. Multiplier 10, fsb 100 is correct. You may have to set the ram seperately. Most likely problem is vcore. you should set it to 1.775v, then make sure it comes up as 1.75v
    That board does not recognize your chip, so it treats it like a t-bred, and only gives 1.65 volts. Big problem, since it tends to undervolt everything anyhow.
  4. I tried what you said but when I change the settings it says CPU is unworkable. The default CPU Core Voltage is 1.75v. I tried changing it to 1.775v but I still get the CPU unworkable error message on boot. Is it possible I have a bad board?

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  5. I'd have to agree a great mobo like that deserves a faster chip. If you can swing it, look for an mobile XP2500+ or Mobile XP2400+ to save a few bucks.

    Anyway, I'm surprised it didn't autorecognize that cpu. Athlon TBird at 1.0GHZ should clearly be 10*100 as unlike the PIII's I am unaware of any 133 bus 1.0GHz chips. It autodetects to an 8.5 multiplier? Did you try to clear the CMOS? How about loading failsafe defaults?

    So 8.5*100 is stable, but 10*100 is not? Very odd and should almost rule out a memory timing issue. In the bios go to Advanced Chipset Features and check that memory timing are set to optimal not agressive or expert. Also can you read th Cas latency is 2.5 not 2.0? Otherwise you may want to try cas 2.5 by setting it to expert.

    Also if you have more than one stick of ram remove one and try that way. Make sure you have a stick in <b>Dimm slot 3</b> in that mobo. One stick is the way to go when troubleshooting, Your ram may be not capable of dual channel.

    Lastly, Did you use any thermal paste when putting the heatsink back on? Seems it could be heat/voltage related.

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  6. Ok I'll try that. I didn't apply new paste after removing the CPU. I figured the old compound would do. I think they used one of those thermal squares instead of paste. Should I scrape off the old compound and apply new paste?

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  7. Yes, you should remove the pad and apply new paste. Pads generally don't do the best job, and usually they fleck or break up entirely if trying to reuse them. Also add me to the group advocating for an investment in a better CPU for your nice mobo.

    Is it possible that he needs to do the "pencil trick" to get access to higher multipliers? I'm probably grasping at straws, but maybe...

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