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Activation key for windows 7 professional

can any 1 provide me a activation key windows 7 professional build 7601 for 32 bit
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    No software piracy here! Go and buy a legal copy!
  2. SURE. please wire $100usd to my account @
  3. microsoft will provide you an activation key when you buy a copy.
  4. yeah here's one for you:


    enjoy :D
  5. Email:
    lol. You really are very Naughty.
  6. Reported...
  7. Can i have $1000000?
  8. Good god these post are showing up more and more lately. Does any body buy software anymore except for the select few on these and other hardware forums?

    If it is not Windows its Office give me give me give me! Go buy your software like every body else then you will get a key! It is really that simple!
  9. Yes its getting very annoying Bryonhowley, I wish the Admin could knock out the poor deluded, and stupid people who think everything in life is free, stealing it. To ask decent folk to help them. Knowing what they are doing.
  10. Can we get some feedback on this issue please. Will the new Forum have better filters in it to block this sort of thing or will it just be focused on advertising..... like it is now ?

    Mactronix :)
  11. Agreed. Tried suggesting this some time ago (see below). Got little interest:
  12. Call Microsoft! Nuf said!
  13. Ask Santa Claus. That's the only way you're going to get one for "free."
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