Convert from AHCI to IDE by editing file manually?

Please help!

My mainboard was ASUS p5n-mx, its support AHCI so when I install SSD on my pc, its using AHCI mode instead of IDE.

This board bios IC is damage now, so I replace it with new motherboard chipset G41 southbrigde ICH7 which is not support AHCI.

I have dual boot system which install on separate hardrive, windows xp which on my HDD only need to update driver but its succesfully boot. Another one is Windows 7 installed on my ssd now couldn't boot at all.

I'm getting error when boot to windows 7 even on safe mode, I check on safe mode its stuck on classpnp.sys, I tried to googling and found out that is issue with AHCI vs IDE mode on my SSD.

on BIOS i don't see AHCI option, only IDE

so can I change the configuration of my SSD from AHCI to IDE?

I can boot to windows xp, and see my ssd drive windows files but I don't know how to change ssd configuration on that installation.

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  1. ICH7 which is not support AHCI?....
  2. Yes the base ICH7 is not support AHCI, I don't have AHCI option on my BIOS.

    sadly, I didn't consider this when I bought this motherboard..
    its should be at least ICH8, ICH9 etc like G43, G45, or P45

    This mainboard is MSI G41 :(
  3. sorry to be a negative nellie:
    either get a mobo that supports AHCI of forget using the SSD.

    using IDE will substantially decrease the SSDs performance (google it).

    if you insist on using the SSD, you will need to reinstall Win 7 unless there is a way unknown to me of editing the Win 7 registry from the XP installation.
  4. Thanks for your reply..

    Yes, that's correct, the performance will decrease,
    But I'm not after performance.

    so IDE will be fine for me..

    anyway I manage to change AHCI to IDE

    using Fix_7hdc
    and run it on command prompt inside windows recovery/repair interface (from win7 disk)
    cscript Fix_7hdc.vbs /enable /search

    3 days and night finding fix for this
    I must be look like zombie now.. LoL

    Thanks everyone..
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