Death of a system

Yesterday my sytem crashed and i've been able to reinstall windows once but during reboot the system planted again. I keep getting bleu screens saying run chkdsk /f and so on. I'm pretty sure it's the mobo (hdd controller that is messed up). ~ 3days earlier I replaced my DVD with a DVD-R/RW and took out the DVD station installation was ok but then I realised I forgot to to out a DVD disk from the old station, my "genious self" then decided to plug the station into one of the 12v power plugs where my HDD is also assigned to, few seconds later the DVD station started smoking (I gues this is the reason something went broke in me mobo~ (LET THIS BE A LESSON TO PEOPLE AS STUPID AS ME)

Now I evidently need to buy at least a new mobo, I'm pretty sure my CPU (P iv 2,4 533FSB), RAM (512mb Corsiar C2), HDD and videocard (radeon 9800 PRO 128 mb) are still OK.

Would I buy a completely new setup?

What to do?

I haven't read anything about the new Intel socket 775 which seems to be OK.

Other option is AMD 3500+ with MSI NEO2 or that DFI UT with a 3200+

And then there is of course the abvious (to me) P4C800 with a 3,0 or 3,2 ghz.

I've recently spent 300€ on watercooling so i do intend to use this and oc whatever I do or buy. Problem is that there aren't any retention mechanisms for the 775 available yet (I'm using Innovatek products with a BI extreme II). A64 retention mechanism can be bought, but I of course already have one for socket 478 CPUs.

I don't really know what to do either solution will set me back quite a bit (money wise). I ilagine that a new mobo with SATA will mean that I need a PSU with SATA connections which is an additional cost together with ram, cpu, mobo... and GFX card in case of socket 775. THe thing is that a radeoin 9800 pro still does it's job I imagine I do however plan to play CS: source A LOT so... maybe???

Give me some ideas please


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  1. try to test the components in different pc's. then start by buying a new mobo, followed by whatever else is dead.

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  2. thanks, i was actually thinking of just trying to repair the the caus i like to think a while longer about buying a new system and i can't miss my desktop...

    I already tried with another HDD in my system same story, halfway the installation i get errors. When i do get an install programs like IE exploror disappear or get corrupted after one reboot... i really think it's the mobo HDD controller

    So to start I'll go and buy a nice and cheap ASUS P4P800-Sx or a P4PE-X thats an upgrade from my P4PE now isn't it :-p either will depend I wont need the SATA caus that means new PSU so the P4pe-X will do but i might go for the P4P800-S because of it's AGP8x

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  4. Get the feeling that I've seen that message somewhere before...

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  5. Sounds more like you fried your psu, than mobo. (probably the 12v rail, it drives hdd, and optical motors.) Check in bios to see what kind of voltages you are getting.
  6. my voltages seem to be fine, no more off than usual...

  7. I installed a new mobo (ASUS P4P800S-X). I installed windows and service pack 1 along with CS: CZ, power DVD, ASUS PROBe and some windows upadates, afeter a reboot the system kept on rebooting every time it gets into the windows loading screen. I really don't know what to do any more. Right now I'm checking with an old HDD and installing windows on it. If that works I'll be getting a new HDD tomorrow, maybe along with a PSU because my current one does not have SATA power connectors (they are different right?)

  8. i got things runnig but only not very good

    I put in a new PSU, harddrive and mobo. Every time i boot and the system starts windows it either restarts (and after reboot i get the question if i want to start in safe mode and so on)

    Right now i can get into windows (i installed XP professional a couple of dozen times and used 4 different licences and cd's)

    Every boot now i get eror that there was a mini dump

    What is wrong???????????

    Only things I didn(t replace are the graphics card (radeon 9800 pro), CPU (P IV 2.4 533 FSB) and ram (512mb corsair XMS C2)

  9. up and running again, apparently the memory was malfunctioning from time to time. Now i bought 1GB twinx Corsair pc4000

  10. Currently from my knowledge anyways, serial ata does not have a PSU with a connection for it, but they usually come with a converter for the PSU. Like the Western Digital 80gig SATA HD i had bought.

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  11. Horsefeathers! The CoolMax and Thermaltake PS's both have SATA power connections. So do a lot of other "Quality" power supplies.

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