Windows 7/64 always installing updates

I keep setting Windows to 'Check for updates but let me choose ...' but it keeps changing back to 'Install updates automatically'. Usually I notice this as the updates install or I see the messages that the updates were installed.

How do I get it to just check?
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  1. Is this definitely Windows Updates that are being updated or is it updates for other installed software e.g. Adobe?
  2. Windows. The control panel settings for Windows Update keep going back to Install updates automatcially (Recommended), Every day at 3:00AM.

    We keep changing to to Check for updaes but let me choose whether to download and install them but it does not stick for long. If I do this change again, like I just did, it will stick. But then later and I am not sure when It goes back to the default settings.

    I am not a novice. I have multiple window 7 systems and this is the first and only one that keeps loosing this settings.
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