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I need some help choosing a Gaming HeadSet for my PC. I Play Black Ops competitively and i'm wondering what will give me the best positional audio, True 5.1 surround sound? or simulated 7.1 surround sound?

The two HeadSets i have choosen are the Tiritton AX51 Pro or the Razor megaladon 7.1 Elite. The Tritton is true 5.1 and the razor is Simulated 7.1. I am a big fan of razor so im leaning more towards that. If some one could please help me that would be great.

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  1. Well that headset sucks to be completely honest....i'm looking for a Professional grade Gaming HeadSet. It must have a Mic and that headset doesn't, It must be true 5.1 or better. look at my can see thats not what im looking for.

    Thanks for the post though.
  2. I have picked a headset I'm going to wait for the Razor true 7.1 headset. It comes out in a couple of months.
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