Wireless limited access windows 7

i am try in connect for the first time to wireless network, it says wireless limited access
plz help
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  1. Do you know the password?
  2. Actually, i have a router at home, and two laptops, one with Windows xp and one with Windows 7, the windows xp connect to the router, and work nice, sometimes it put limited access so i put repair, which renew the ip and everything else, and the xp become connected, and work fine, as for the windows 7, it is saying limited connectivity, i did some searching on the net tried several stuff, but could not get it connected, only one time it become connected, but, after that, i did the same steps, and never got connected. ( yes i do know the password of the router )
    thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Have you tried your Windows 7 on another wireless router, say at Starbucks or MacDonalds? Does it work there?

    One thing you may try is to go to network and sharing center and choose diagnose problems. See if anything there will help you fix it.
  4. the last thing i tried is to give my windows7 laptop a static ip like, and then run diagnose problems, it found a problem and fix it, and it work, now everytime i enter my laptop, i assign the same static ip, and do the same, and it works everytime.
    Thanks for your help.
  5. That is a round about fix. Sorry it wouldn't do it automatically.
  6. Try to powercycle the modem and the router for 20 seconds, if you have the same problem -accessed the user interface of the router and change the security mode to WEP(0-9 , A-F)
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