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Im am getting ready to build my first pc, (my dad has built a few and he will be helping me along), and im not sure which processor too choose. Ive pretty much settled it to two choices, and AMD Athlon64 3400 2.4ghz with 512k cache or (big difference here!) an AMD Athlon64 3400 2.2ghz and 1mb cache, so my question is, which is more important? The higher frequency or the high cache? And i do play a lot of games, so i guess the most important thing to me is which will play games better, or does it really make a difference at all? thanks for any help.

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  1. The 2.4ghz 3400+ is faster at stock speeds.
    Btw you can get the 2.2ghz one with 1mb cache and o/c it to 2.4gz to make it an 3700+ :wink:

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  2. I agree with Donnie about the 2.4 being faster at stock. Ignore his comment about overclocking, for a while at least.
  3. If you have enuff money to go 3400, why not drop a few extra feds and go with a s939 setup? Better future upgradeability, AND in some benchmarks, the 3500 has a neck-up over the 3400, and it's only clocked at 2.2ghz! Plus you get dual channel ram support too.

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