Computer keeps 'losing' internet everytime it turned off/restarted.


I have a computer which, every time it's restarted or turned on, the network icon always had that exclamation point, and it can't connect to the internet. All it needs to do is an IP config release/renew, then disable then re-enable the adapter, and it fixes itself. But upon reboot/restart, it happened again! How do I fixed this problem permanently? Thank you in advance.
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  1. Is it a wifi or fixed connection? And do you get the IP from your router or from the service provider?
  2. That's completely normal. Mine does the same thing. The exclamation mark (in this case at least) just means it's trying to connect to the internet, usually you just have to wait a bit and it will go away.
  3. It's a fixed connection, not WiFi. How does one knows if the IP is from the router or the service provider? BTW the internet connection is via a cable modem, and the wires from the cable modem goes into the router, and then the computer connects to the router. Does that means the IP is from the router? BTW all the other computer that's connected to the router (including the computer I'm writing this on) have no problem connecting to the internet. Strangely, the computer with this problem is the one closest to the router! The router is a Cisco Linksys E2000.

    Anyway, the exclamation marks is permanent, it will not go away on its own (I wish it does!)
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